“I can’t get the image out of my mind, mother “, Isha said as she entered her house. Why, what happened dear, which image, I am not able to understand?” mother asked surprisingly.

“Mom, today what I have seen is really very shocking and quite scary “, Isha said.

“What have you seen dear, just elaborate it”, mom asked.

Today it was raining heavily so me and my all friends decided to stay in classroom for the lunch time. So we all were in the classroom and were peeping out from classroom window. Outside was our playground but as it was raining so no one was outside.

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The climate was very awesome and everywhere there was greenery. Birds were chirping, frogs were hopping and flowers were blooming with joy. So we all were quite fascinated.

“OH! Just look at the right “, Meera who is one of my friends screamed. “What happened Meera “, I asked turning right.

Suddenly my Eyes fell on a huge snake on the grass sitting under the tree. He was in a search for prey.

A small frog unaware of the snake was hopping around. Snake grabbed the frog. “Ribbit ! Ribbit!” helpless frog was screaming loudly but snake was meciless.Within a minute he swallowed the whole frog and went away.


We all were shocked and screaming out of fear.

“Mom still I am feeling very sad for that poor frog”, Isha said. “Dear, don’t be sad, it’s a law of nature that bigger ones eat smaller ones and this is how our ecosystem is maintained” mother explained and she went in the kitchen.

But Isha is still sitting and thinking “mom is very true; in our lives also rich people are dominating poor people as well as leaders are exploiting the common man”.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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