An Awesome day with Mickey and Minnie

“Mamma, look, How it is”, Radhika asked her mother. “OH, it’s so beautiful, looking like a real mickey mouse”, Radhika’ s mother said while looking at the drawing. Radhika was very happy. She cut out the mickey from the drawing sheet and hung it on the wall of her room.


At night after finishing her dinner she came into her room to sleep. She sat on the bed comfortably and started looking at the mickey. “How cute he is!” Radhika was thinking. Suddenly he saw Mickey’s drawing converting into a real mickey and he climbed down the wall. He came in front of her and said “Hello Radhika, nice to meet you”. Radhika was able to believe on his eyes. Is she dreaming or is it reality. Hesitatingly she said hello.

“Radhika can you come with me”, mickey asked. “Yes, of course”, she said. Mickey held her hand and within a second they were in front of a beautiful purple and green house. “It’s my house”, mickey said in a loud voice. Radhika noticed a golden coloured name plate having written “Mickey and Minnie”. Mickey rang the bell. In a few seconds Minnie opened the door. In pink dress and pink crocs she was looking pretty as usual. “Welcome Radhika”, Minnie mouse said. She was surprised to see Minnie speaking her name.

As Radhika came inside she felt like she is in a wonderland. A green sofa and red coffee table were lying on a pink carpet. She sat on the sofa and started looking around. There was a huge photo frame of mickey and Minnie on the front wall and below it was a small modern TV. Mickey’s cartoon was playing on it. A shelf of books was near the TV. Mickey told that he is fond of books. A large list was ticked on the shelf. “What is it?” Radhika asked to Minnie mouse. She answered that it is their today’s schedule.
Outside the window snow was falling. We three drank the Oreo shake prepared by Minnie and then Mickey played sweet music on his black and blue coloured guitar and Minnie mouse was dancing. She also started dancing with them. Fire place was warming the whole house. Radhika was very happy. Her favourites are reality now. She was spending her whole day with her favourite’s ones.

“OH god, how awesome it is!!”Radhika said to herself. “Radhika, get up. You’ll be late to school”, Mamma said while shaking Radhika. Suddenly Radhika opened her eyes. “OH no!! How would it be a dream”, Radhika said while sitting on her bed.

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Bittersweet October

Motherhood is really a wonderful experience of my life.It is the greatest gift of god given to me.

It was last year only,18 october 2014 i gave birth to a baby boy.That day was very painful as i was experiencing pain in every second. I opted for a cesarean.
So,operation was planned in the evening.I was little bit worried as my husband was not with me.He was in US for his project work.

Pains were increasing in every second. Finally at 6:30 PM I was taken to operation theater. I was continuously chanting om sai ram and at 7:14 PM with god’s grace i delivered a baby boy.

When my baby was given in my hands really that moment was unforgettable. All my pains and worries vanished and a deep peace resided in my heart.
My baby Arnav is turning one on coming 18 October.He is growing day by day.Recently he has learnt to walk also.

The days have passed so quickly.Really it is a true saying that all days are not equal.Last October I was suffering so much pain and see this october i am quite enthusiastic to celebrate my child’s first birthday. Still I am not able to accept how a year has passed so quickly.

This season of October has given me such a sweet gift in the form of a baby with a little bitterness of pain. Really cant forget it.

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Mantras for a healthy heart

Heart is an important functional organ of a human body. It pumps blood throughout the body. It is filled with all types of emotions and feelings. In fact, it is a very sensitive organ which should be handled with intense care. A family is totally dependent on a woman or I should say they are the building blocks of their families. They support their families with a lot of love and care. A family is really incomplete without a caring mother, dutiful wife and a loving mother.

But among all her responsibilities, care and duties she forgets her health and the consequences are obesity, diabetes and many more serious complications. Gaining weight is generally very common problem in women. But unfortunately it is neglected and the outcomes are heart related problems.

Research shows that 2 out of every 4 women are at risk of heart problems due to increasing weight.

So, first let us have a close look on the symptoms of heart problems. Studies show that chest pain, pain in arm, back, neck or jaw, stomach pain, nausea, fatigue leads to serious heart problems in women.

How to prevent heart disease? Well, change is the basic requirement of life. Even a small change in our daily routine can be quite effective. Following simple steps can help us a lot.

(1) Don’t smoke or use tobacco: Chemicals in tobacco can damage our heart. The women who smoke are at high risk of heart attack.


(2) Exercise for 30 min regularly: Indulging in certain activity will be beneficial. The simplest exercise is a walk. So, try to take a 30 min walk daily.


(3) eat healthy and stay healthy: Try to avoid junk foods like pizza, burgers, and deep fried foods. A balanced and nutritious diet includes ample amounts of fruits, green vegetables and whole grains.


(4) Track blood pressures and body mass index at regular intervals of time: This will alert from future complications.


(5) Last but not the least take proper sleep of 8-10 hours and become stress free: diseases are always away from happy and energetic life.


Always remember a person who is fit is always hit. So, let us promise to lead a healthy and happy life.

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“I can’t get the image out of my mind, mother “, Isha said as she entered her house. Why, what happened dear, which image, I am not able to understand?” mother asked surprisingly.

“Mom, today what I have seen is really very shocking and quite scary “, Isha said.

“What have you seen dear, just elaborate it”, mom asked.

Today it was raining heavily so me and my all friends decided to stay in classroom for the lunch time. So we all were in the classroom and were peeping out from classroom window. Outside was our playground but as it was raining so no one was outside.

images (1)

The climate was very awesome and everywhere there was greenery. Birds were chirping, frogs were hopping and flowers were blooming with joy. So we all were quite fascinated.

“OH! Just look at the right “, Meera who is one of my friends screamed. “What happened Meera “, I asked turning right.

Suddenly my Eyes fell on a huge snake on the grass sitting under the tree. He was in a search for prey.

A small frog unaware of the snake was hopping around. Snake grabbed the frog. “Ribbit ! Ribbit!” helpless frog was screaming loudly but snake was meciless.Within a minute he swallowed the whole frog and went away.


We all were shocked and screaming out of fear.

“Mom still I am feeling very sad for that poor frog”, Isha said. “Dear, don’t be sad, it’s a law of nature that bigger ones eat smaller ones and this is how our ecosystem is maintained” mother explained and she went in the kitchen.

But Isha is still sitting and thinking “mom is very true; in our lives also rich people are dominating poor people as well as leaders are exploiting the common man”.

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A Firm decision

“Aman six, Ravi six point five, Sameer nine, Ramesh ten, excellent job !!”,science teacher was declaring marks in class.Now Siddhartha your turn,you got two, poor boy,work hard!!

Siddhartha took out his diary and wrote down his marks sadly.


Amidst all the discussions regarding marks Ramesh stood up and said,”Sir can I ask a question”.”Yes, sure”the teacher said. “Sir,what is a time machine” ? Ramesh asked curiously. “Time machine is generally a vehicle by which you can travel backward or forward in time but it is a topic of science fiction.No one is able to invent such a machine till date”,the teacher explained.

Suddenly,bell rang and all the students went out of the class.Siddhartha a bit confused about time machined was walking very slowly.He was continuously thinking about time machine.He was assuming if really its possible to go back in the past then he’ll go two months back by time machine so that he can again prepare for exams.He’ll work hard and become a bright student.With these thoughts he came home.”Change your dress and eat something”, mother said.Siddhartha went to his room. After throwing his bag on a blue sofa which was lying near to bed he changed his dress.Then he sat on sofa sadly.

He took out his diary in order to review his marks.As he was coming to the page on which his marks were written his eyes fell on his final exam schedule.Siddhartha smiled, and thought improving past is impossible so why shouldn’t i improve my future by working hard in present.Now he was firm in his decision.He closed his diary and laid down on sofa happily.                   wowbadge

Moral :- Focus on present because if the present is improved then future will be definitely bright.

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