A Firm decision

“Aman six, Ravi six point five, Sameer nine, Ramesh ten, excellent job !!”,science teacher was declaring marks in class.Now Siddhartha your turn,you got two, poor boy,work hard!!

Siddhartha took out his diary and wrote down his marks sadly.


Amidst all the discussions regarding marks Ramesh stood up and said,”Sir can I ask a question”.”Yes, sure”the teacher said. “Sir,what is a time machine” ? Ramesh asked curiously. “Time machine is generally a vehicle by which you can travel backward or forward in time but it is a topic of science fiction.No one is able to invent such a machine till date”,the teacher explained.

Suddenly,bell rang and all the students went out of the class.Siddhartha a bit confused about time machined was walking very slowly.He was continuously thinking about time machine.He was assuming if really its possible to go back in the past then he’ll go two months back by time machine so that he can again prepare for exams.He’ll work hard and become a bright student.With these thoughts he came home.”Change your dress and eat something”, mother said.Siddhartha went to his room. After throwing his bag on a blue sofa which was lying near to bed he changed his dress.Then he sat on sofa sadly.

He took out his diary in order to review his marks.As he was coming to the page on which his marks were written his eyes fell on his final exam schedule.Siddhartha smiled, and thought improving past is impossible so why shouldn’t i improve my future by working hard in present.Now he was firm in his decision.He closed his diary and laid down on sofa happily.                   wowbadge

Moral :- Focus on present because if the present is improved then future will be definitely bright.

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