Bittersweet October

Motherhood is really a wonderful experience of my life.It is the greatest gift of god given to me.

It was last year only,18 october 2014 i gave birth to a baby boy.That day was very painful as i was experiencing pain in every second. I opted for a cesarean.
So,operation was planned in the evening.I was little bit worried as my husband was not with me.He was in US for his project work.

Pains were increasing in every second. Finally at 6:30 PM I was taken to operation theater. I was continuously chanting om sai ram and at 7:14 PM with god’s grace i delivered a baby boy.

When my baby was given in my hands really that moment was unforgettable. All my pains and worries vanished and a deep peace resided in my heart.
My baby Arnav is turning one on coming 18 October.He is growing day by day.Recently he has learnt to walk also.

The days have passed so quickly.Really it is a true saying that all days are not equal.Last October I was suffering so much pain and see this october i am quite enthusiastic to celebrate my child’s first birthday. Still I am not able to accept how a year has passed so quickly.

This season of October has given me such a sweet gift in the form of a baby with a little bitterness of pain. Really cant forget it.

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